Couple’s therapy

Maybe you are engaged and want to explore a few issues before the big day, maybe you have been together for years and want to deepen your relationship, maybe there was a breach of trust–infidelity or substance abuse or gambling, maybe you have been fighting over the same issue for 17 years. Whatever brings you to couple’s therapy, I hope that you will leave with a deeper love of your partner and relationship and a better understanding of what makes relationships work.

While communication is important to the health and longevity of a relationship, in many ways it is the byproduct of a good relationship.

As a Gottmon informed therapist, I teach couples the seven principals that have been shown to make relationships work. Couples who work with me learn new techniques to

1. Update love maps

2. Increase fondness and admiration

3. Accept influence

4. Recognize solvable vs unsolvable problems

5.  Overcome gridlock

6. Turn toward their partner(s)

7. Create shared meaning


This method has saved many relationships and enhanced many more!

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