Individual Therapy


Coming to a new therapist can be a very vulnerable experience.  At this point the Problem (behavior, mood, thought) has begun to affect the client’s life in negative ways.


Maybe your behaviors have begun to affect the way you relate to people.

Maybe your mood has begun to affect your ability to do your job or study.

Maybe intrusive thoughts are keeping you up at night.


Whatever brings you to therapy, it is my goal to help you resolve the Problem and, as much as possible, explore the underlying beliefs, events and thoughts that lead to the Problem in the first place.

It has been my experience that an hour with a therapist once a week rarely brings about deep life changes that clients desire. I assign “homework,” usually worksheets or a practice to be done between sessions. Please try your best to do your homework so we can know what interventions work for you and which ones don’t.

You will be challenged at times during therapy, but is never my intent to make you feel bad. Since I am an imperfect human, sometimes the things I say come out wrong. Sometimes my understanding of the situation and the reality of the situation are to very different things In these cases, it is my hope that you will bring this to my attention so that I can correct myself and the therapeutic relationship can grow.

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