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No watermark-19My name is Kelly “Ked” Waterman. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Board Approved Supervisor based in River Ridge, Louisiana.   I have been practicing therapy since 2014, and I believe that a good therapist never stops learning and growing.

I became a therapist because I like people and I am honored to help my clients make the changes they want in their life. I believe that many skills that are thought to be “natural” are, in fact learned. From tying our shoes to deciphering a smartphone, we have learned new practical skills as we have navigated our way through life. Unfortunately, we often neglect the importance of learning new coping and relationship skills as we grow. I help my clients learn and apply skills to improve the what they already know, grow where they want to, and learn new skills to prepare them for whatever is next on their journey.

Like many therapists, I use solution focused cognitive behavioral methods to facilitate rapid change. However, not all issues will respond to this straightforward method– some issues are interwoven into the fabric of our lives, and require more in-depth work.
To this end, I favor sand tray therapy and dialectical behavioral therapeutic (DBT) methods. Sand tray therapy is a powerful tool to help engage the unconscious, generate meaning, and gain a new perspective on a problem. DBT skills are helpful for deep behavioral and perspective change.

I am currently accepting new clients only through my agency, CrescentCare.

I am currently accepting new LCSW supervisees.

Please text or call me at (504) 621-4182 or email me at kedwaterman@gmail.com





Jamie Gaskin, MA, P-LPC, NCC 

About Me:
I am a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC)# PLC7092 who earned my Master’s Degree in Counseling, with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health from the University of Holy Cross.  I am a National Certified Counselor and a member of the American Counseling Association. I am currently working toward my certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

My goal is to help clients gain insight as to why they are who they are, then incorporate that understanding into new healthier patterns of everyday living.

I am passionate about providing a safe and accepting environment where my clients can reach a deeper emotion discovering new insight in themselves.

I see counseling as a process in which the client and the counselor work jointly to establish a trusting relationship. We will continually work as a team to explore and define present problem situations, develop achievable goals for an improved life and work in a systematic fashion toward realizing those goals in order to achieve an optimal healthy lifestyle. I focus on individuals, couples and families to identify and explore unhealthy patterns of behaviors that interfere with client’s achieving their full potential in personal and professional relationships. I approach counseling from an attachment framework by utilizing the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

I specialize is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which, is a structured approach that is based on adult attachment and bonding. Understanding the attachment history helps us to increase our understanding between the interaction in couple relationships and as a map for therapists.

I utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy to help my clients understand how they came to be who they are. Validating the client and how their behaviors make sense, aides in their understanding and acceptance of themselves. We can learn new behaviors once we have identified the unhealthy ones creating new cycles and secure bonds between partners.