What To Expect

Counseling can be pretty scary for someone who does not know what to expect or maybe comes from a culture where seeking help was looked down upon and stigmatized. Sometimes we lose ourselves trying to make others around us happy that beginning this new journey of self-awareness can seem selfish. Healthy selfishness is exactly what we all need. In order to improve the relationships we are in (family, friends and loved ones), we must first explore and figure out who we are.

Typically when scheduling appointments we would love to speak to you to better understand your needs. We understand that not everyone can open up to someone they have never met and so scheduling online through our contact page is quite fine also.

Prior to the first session you will be emailed forms to complete and bring with you. During the first session we do not go over your paperwork as we want to develop a safe and trusting relationship where we can talk about the difficult issues you may be struggling with rather than reading off the paper what was identified.